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Technical audits and consulting so you know you’re on the right path, made simple for strategic digital positioning. It’s the basis for a strong digital marketing & website strategy, and floq pulls together useful, actionable plans, and works with you to help your business grow.

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Our Focus

Our SEO audits are here to bring clarity and sustainability to your website.

Technical Website Audits

Get customer-obsessed. At the end of a technical audit, you’ll have a prioritised, actionable and sustainable plan to get in front of your customers. Best for companies that have at least 3 months of a dedicated tech resource to implement.

Consulting & Training

Sometimes SEO requires ongoing education and training. Consulting retainers work best for companies that don’t necessarily have an SEO already on the team.

Digital Strategy

We understand you may prefer to work with a digital marketing expert to create a strategy you can implement. This is a good choice if you’re budget conscious or are bootstrapping and rather than having a dedicated IT or devops team you’re doing a lot of it yourself.

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