How much does a technical SEO audit cost? Well, that depends. Mostly on whether or not it’s eCommerce and how many pages are in the site. There are also other factors, like internationalisation (multiple versions of the website either on international domains, subdomains or folders).
Please note prices are all in AUD and exclude GST (10%). Please contact FLOQ for a full estimate, as there may be factors you aren’t yet aware of that affect pricing.

Page CountInformational SiteeCommerce Site
Under 1,000$3,000$3,000
250,001-1 million$13,000$14,000
More than 1MContact for pricing

And the question remains, what does include? You can find a more detailed explanation on the technical SEO listing, and as at-a-glance summary:

Javascript review
Website hierarchy
Structured markup
Site speed testing
Core web vitals review
Mobile SEO
URL structure
Faceted navigation
Conversion journey review for SEO
Intent matching
Topical focus
Topical intent matching
Topical & entity relationships
User experience for SEO
Competitor review
Crawl efficiency
Indexation review
Inbound link footprint
Local SEO review*
Action plan
Follow up consulting4 hours6 hours
*available for an additional fee for applicable sites