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Amanda King, principal consultant of FLOQ, has been embedded in digital marketing since 2010, with over a decade of experience in SEO consulting and implementation, working on global and national blue-chip brands both in the United States and Australia. King also has years of experience in data auditing and implementation, reporting, conversion rate optimisation as well as content strategy and creation.

Her goal is to solve the puzzle and educate you in a way that allows you, the client, to take that knowledge, run with it, and understand future opportunities and challenges.

King puts her money where her mouth is and aims to give away as much free information as possible by contributing to industry publications, webinars and podcasts both locally in Australia and globally, including Search Engine Land, and speaking at conferences including Search Marketing Summit, Sydney SEO Conference (Prosperity Media) and SEO Collective in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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Other Information You Might Want to Know

Where is FLOQ based?

FLOQ is based in Sydney, Australia.

I’m based in Europe (or the United States, Canada, the UK, APAC). Will you work with me?

Yes, I will absolutely work with clients based outside of Australia; my experience in SEO is international and while there may be compromises on meeting times, if we find we want to work together, we can absolutely find a solution together.

What kind of clients do you work with?

All types of clients — I’ve been working in SEO long enough that I’ve worked with most industries. I also have a strong background in highly regulated industries, including education, finance (banks & super) and utilities. This has allowed me to scale and apply learnings easily from highly regulated fields to other industries, like eCommerce and SaaS.

What kind of investment is needed to work with you?

Typically, a minimum investment to work with FLOQ is $5,000 AUD excluding GST. This is of course dependent on your industry and market, the current state of your website and team, as well as other considerations like timeframe.

If you’d like to work with me as a client, please get in touch to schedule an introductory call and bespoke estimate.

It was an absolute joy to work with Amanda. She took the time to understand our business and what matters to each stakeholder, while also understanding our service offering and our industry. Amanda was strategic, savvy, and responsive – the dream combination for an SEO consultant! Moreover, she provided practical tips to help us take ownership over our SEO strategy moving forward by educating us on sound SEO and content creation principles. If you’re looking for a true business partner, I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough.

Marketing Manager, Big Four Consulting Firm, 2023