Engage: On Enterprise SEO

A podcast to hear from other folks about some of the things that make enterprise SEO different — beyond the day-to-day, at a strategic level.

The long and short of it

What is this damn podcast? So what I’m aiming for is your experience with SEO at an enterprise level. Pull in your expertise, whether you’re a Googler, a developer, a consultant, an agency owner, or an SEO embedded in an enterprise company. What I’d like to talk about includes:

  • Why is enterprise strategy for SEO different? What specifically
  • How have you seen this change, through the lens of your specialty?
  • How have you looked to adapt or change based on how you’ve seen things work at an enterprise level?
  • What advice would you give anyone coming into enterprise SEO?

This is an interview-based podcast, so I may focus on a particular subject or area of expertise based on your own career history.

Time: The invite I’ll send you will be for 60 minutes.

The expected recording time will be between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on how much banter there is.


  • Microphone
  • External headphones
  • Internet connection with 2mbps upload speed
  • Chrome web browser
  • Somewhere quiet

I’ll send you a more in-depth guide to our recording session once we’re set up.

Register your interest

On submission you’ll get a confirmation email with a calendar link for a placeholder recording session date and time.