a rapid seo audit to get your legs underneath you online

this is a weird time for us all

A lot of people are transitioning their businesses online, or becoming more reliant on their websites to bring in business during this moment of coronavirus and quarantine. I recognise that a lot of people are stepping into competitive markets online, or may not have the cash to spend on Google Adwords or other paid means of bringing traffic to their site.

Enter SEO. Search engine optimisation often has lower hard costs than paid channels, and let’s be honest, a lot of us probably have more time than usual to sit and tinker with websites.

Small or large, if you’re struggling during this period, I’m willing to offer a low-cost rapid SEO audit, at $199 AUD exc. GST. It’ll be a consolidated version of either my technical SEO audit or my SEO strategy, depending on the people and other help you have available at hand.

Because this is something I’m doing at less than my standard rates, I cannot guarantee when I’ll get the opportunity to review your website, as it depends on the number of people who enquire. I can confirm I will do my best to turn around rapid assessments in a week, once I’m able to pick your website up for an audit. And first come first serve.

As at 4 May 2020, this offer will be valid for anyone who enquires up to 30 Sep 2020 and will be re-evaluated at that point.

Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll do my best to help you find opportunities in this uncertain time.